Hi there!! I'm Beth! I'm a Jesus girl, wife, mother, and self professed dessert-aholic. I love photography and I'm passionate about creating images that can transport you back to a special moment in time! I have been doing photography for over 10 years and have photographed 150 weddings (and counting). One of my favorite photography adventures was working as a Cast Member for Walt Disney World photographing the most magical weddings on earth!

That's me, on the ground, which was probably still wet from overnight cleaning. #whateverittakes

See the tiny little black blobs in front of the fountain?  I'm the one on the left... on the ground again.

I absolutely love to photograph both weddings and portraits. When I'm photographing a wedding, you'll find me crying at pretty much every father-daughter dance and unsuccessfully trying to resist the urge to do the wobble. I think my favorite part of the wedding day is the moment right AFTER "you may kiss the bride." All the stress of planning, the nervous energy, and the months (or years) of waiting for just this moment just melt away and you can see true love and happiness between the new bride and groom.

Me and my amazing husband.

Photo cred to the fabulous Mindy Deluca.

There is something so beautiful about photographing the beginning of a love story but there is even more beauty in watching that family continue to grow. That's why I love photographing portrait sessions too. The best parts of being a portrait photographer are making mommas look and FEEL beautiful, snuggling babies and laughing along with families.

My happily ever after... beautiful, silly, real every day life with my little tribe.  (Photo cred to my girl Rebecca at RMW Photo & Video)

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me living my very own fairytale. I have a seriously handsome hubby and two kids: a sweet boy and a sassy little girl. Our fairytale may not be perfect like the Disney princess movies, but it is perfectly ours. We laugh. We do our best. We have fun. We're often loud and very, very silly. We make mistakes because we are real. We say I'm sorry and we forgive. We give big hugs. We love no matter what.

My not-so-little guy... how did he get so grown up?!

My tiny, fierce girly girl living in her own princess world.

And lastly, like Cinderella's mom once said, "I believe in everything." I believe...

  • in Jesus
  • in magic
  • in love
  • In kindness
  • in Santa Claus
  • in miracles
  • in dreams
  • in laughter
  • in doing the impossible
  • in fairytales
  • in happily ever after
  • in never giving up
  • in never growing up

"Do not fear, only believe." - Mark 5:36



The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5